Mafia On Prozac

Fine Arts Building Cellar Theatre (Room 55)
Ray Paolino
See this play's Athens performances before it travels to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland! Edward Allan Baker's Baker's play about two aging Mafia hoods on anti-depressants and sexual therapy for impotence is a hilarious send–up of the standard tough guy images seen in most films and TV shows. Mafia on Prozac predates Tony Soprano's mid-life crisis and is a highly original, witty and almost vaudevillian take on the standard gangster motif. Audiences should expect more of the partnership seen in The Honeymooners or Abbot and Costello, rather than DeNiro and Pacino. Mob guys "Jay" and "Tee" find their illicit world in an unharmonious position hinging upon their hesitation to drop their latest victim off the dock of a pier. They rage back and forth at each other over erectile dysfunction, pop psychology, ranking mob movies and family commitment, all while the spirit of Al Capone commands attention. Baker's play is set in the small state of Rhode Island , historically a long time haven for organized crime and political corruption. The play presents a unique and often hilarious look at an American sub-culture that has been too often simplified and romanticized.Tickets are $10, $10 for students.
  • Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 8:00 pm