Cinema Roundtable: "Toy Story Turns 20."

Miller Learning Center Room 148
Toy_Story Cinema Roundtable: "Toy Story Turns 20: How Significant Was
Pixar’s First Feature Film?”

April 3 @ 4:00pm
MLC, Room 148
When Toy Story premiered in 1995 critics celebrated it as the dawn of a new era for motion picture animation. Toy Story also helped launch Pixar as the top brand for quality animation. Twenty years later it may be hard to fathom just how revolutionary Pixar’s first feature film was technically, but also culturally. This roundtable discusses the significance of Toy Story for computer animation and Hollywood storytelling today. Panelists include Michael Hussey (Theatre and Film Studies), David Nix (Animator, College of Education), and Joelle Arp-Dunham (Theatre and Film Studies). Richard Neupert (Coordinator, Film Studies) hosts the panel. This Cinema Roundtable discussion is free and open to the public, Friday, April 3 at 4PM.
  • Friday, April 3, 2015 at 4:00 pm