Department Colloquium: Marla Carlson

Fine Arts Building Room 53
The colloquium falls on 9/11 this year, so we are taking this occasion to reflect back on performative responses to the event. Dr. Carlson will give a talk on "Looking, Listening, and Remembering: Ways to Walk New York after 9/11." Paying particular attention to the difference between visual and auditory fictions, Dr. Carlson will compares Deborah Warner's silent and wholly scopic The Angel Project to sound artist Janet Cardiff's Her Long Black Hair, and then uses insights borne of this comparison to analyze the Ground Zero Sonic Memorial Soundwalk. Taken in the aftermath of 9/11, these walks exploit a push and pull between art and environment, between the past remembered and the present becoming memory. They also counter the tidy messages provided by mainstream media, both of uncomplicated patriotic unity and also of the unbridgeable gaps between positions.
  • Friday, September 11, 2015 at 12:20 pm