Upper Level Juries

Fine Arts Building Arena Theatre (Room 151)
UPPER DIVISION AUDITIONS (also known as “juries”) To be admitted to any performance classes beyond THEA 3500 (Foundations) and THEA 5010 (Scene study), you must meet all three criteria below: 1. Pass the upper division screening auditions. Passing this audition will allow you to enroll in upper division Performance Courses, such as THEA 5570 (Acting Camera), THEA 5500 (Advanced Acting), THEA 5331 (Shakespeare) 2. Have satisfactorily completed or be in the process of completing THEA 5010 by the end of the semester in which you audition. 3. Have completed any one of the following courses by the end of the semester in which you audition: THEA 4200 (or 4220), 4210, 4230, 3290 or 3300. Please Note: YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO AUDITION UNLESS YOU HAVE COMPLETED NUMBERS 2 AND 3 ABOVE. There are NO exceptions to these conditions. Please prepare two contrasting monologues not to exceed a combined total of 3 minutes. Please adhere to this time limit as part of your following audition procedures. You will be stopped if you go over the time limit. Students who pass the upper division will be able to enroll in the advanced acting courses on a seniority basis. Prepare your auditions with the utmost of professionalism. Your manner, preparation and focus will be taken into account as well as your performance. Good luck and don’t stress out. Auditions will be evaluated on the following criteria: 1. Process: your ability to select and play an intention; use of tactics, beats and structure 2. Character delineation: presentation of two different characters; changes in rhythms, tactics and physical manifestation. 3. Effective use of body and voice: use of supported breath, articulation; clean, economical and conscious body physical choices. 4. Emotional availability: the inner instrument integrated with vocal and physical expression; open to impulses, instincts, responses and personal truth. 5. Classroom and production history: level of self discipline, attendance, work ethic, responsibility, in both classes and in production rehearsal and performance. Please see Professors Contini, Kundert-Gibbs or Paolino with any questions.
  • Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 4:30 pm