Graduate student registration for fall 2017

Fine Arts Building
  1. Schedule an in-person advising appointment with major professor, where you will fill out a gold advising form with major professor. Student and professor sign it. Include 810/811# in space for Social Security# and term/year. Discuss any needed POD or individual course forms (which must be signed by professor teaching the course, not your major professor).
  2. Turn in advising form to office. If you don’t, you won’t be cleared to register. You get the top copy and the office keeps the bottom copy, so be sure the carbon copy is legible.
  3. Secure all POD and individual course forms; turn in to Clay.
  4. Are all forms filled out correctly with complete info and signed by professor(s)?
  5. Have you handled any remaining holds on advisement (health, financial, etc.)? The main office (either Dina or Clay) will clear the advising hold (and only the advising hold).
  6. YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE YOURSELF. Use Athena. Do so before the end of the current semester of classes. Clear up any problems before you leave town for break.
  7. Notify office if you encounter problems with registration. Be sure you have turned in all necessary forms first.
Note: The University requires us to keep a written record of advisement. It does not supply an online database system for this, and email is not a viable option to replace the paper forms.
  • Monday, April 10, 2017 at 9:00 am