Roundtable: Recent Alumni Working Professionally in Atlanta

Fine Arts Building Room 201
A group of recent alumni who have been working as film and theatre professionals in Atlanta will meet with students to share their insights and experiences. The alums will discuss their experiences and answer questions as a group from 1:00-2:30 pm, followed by a brief informal reception where students can talk with them individually.

Participants include:

Vivi Chavez (who has appeared in Walking Dead, Revolution, Homeland, and her own web series, Bethany, with costar Carole Kaboya), Andy Rusk (a stuntman who has appeared as multiple zombies in the hit series The Walking Dead), Jade Fernandez (who has acted in numerous television shows and pilots, including for HBO and CBS, and independent films), Morgan Pelligrino (who has appeared in episodes of Vampire Diaries, local Krystal commercials, and industrials, is creating her own web web series, and works professionally as a stage actress in Atlanta), Elliot Dixon (who has worked extensively in Atlanta theatre, and appears in Discovery Science's Stuff You Should Know), Jessica Sanchez (who is working as Set Dresser for feature films, and in a variety of roles on indie films and other projects, including in costumes, props, makeup, script supervising, production assistant, and also continues to work in theatre), Maria Liatis (who has worked extensively in theatre, industrials, and TV pilots), Olubajo Sonubi (an active participant in Atlanta's acting community, both in theatre and film, who currently works on the CW show The Vampire Diaries and appears in the web series Abigail for Red Raccoon Entertainment, an Atlanta-based indie film company founded by UGA Alums), Michael Stille (co-founder of Red Raccoon Entertainment, who appears in Abigail and also on stage in Atlanta), Martin Smith (co-founder of Red Raccoon Entertainment and Co-Writer and Executive Producer of Abigail), and Carole Kaboya (founded production company DarkLine Productions, which produces the web series Bethany, and worked extensively with entertainment and marketing company Superfly Presents).
  • Saturday, November 16, 2013 at 1:00 pm