Fall 2015 Conference Presentation - Faculty & Doctoral Students

Doctoral students and faculty have presented their research widely during the Fall 2015 semester.

Association for the Study of the Arts

  • Marla Carlson presented “Bird Brain: Maps for a Public Sensorium.”
  • Jieun Lee presented "Becoming the Thirdspace: Miru Kim's Body Performance in the Public Space.”

Film & History Conference in Madison, WI

  • Dr. Chris Sieving presented "Minority Partners: James Baldwin, Kelly-Jordan Enterprises, and the Quest for an African American Art Cinema.”

South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference, Durham, NC

  • Dr. John Patrick Bray presented "Once More with Feeling: Language-Based-Playwrights and Affect" for the Adaptation Studies panel.

American Society for Theatre Research in Portland, OR (ASTR)

  • Dr. Carlson, “What’s at Stake in Animal Death?” (Animals Perform)
  • Dr. David Z. Saltz, “Staging the Holocaust in the 21st Century” (Traumatic Structures)
  • Dr. Fran Teague, “Baubles, Spectacles, and Delight” (Shakespeare Performance)
  • Roy Brooks-Delphin, “In What I Have Failed to Do: The Dead and Holy Distance of Kateri Tekakwitha's Sainthood” (Indigenous Performance)
  • Adron Farris, “This Trail is Playing: And So We Walked—An Artist's Journey along the Trail of Tears and Community Activization” (Indigenous Performance; also session co-convenor)
  • Jieun Lee, “Performing Transnational Adoption: Korean American Women Adoptees’ Autobiographical Solo Performances” (Transnationalism and Performance)
  • In addition, Dr. Emily Sahakian co-convened the working session Replotting the Politics of Performance, and alumni Dr. Alicia Corts and Dr. Arnab Banjeri participated in Debating the Steaks and Performance Studies in/from the Global South, respectively.