Congratulations to doctoral students for recent awards

Congratulations to doctoral students for recent awards:
  • Joelle Ré Arp-Dunham received OVPR Foreign Travel Assistance from the Vice President’s Office to travel to London for a conference and both the Graduate Student Travel Award from the Association of Asian Studies and a travel grant from the UGA Graduate School to attend another conference at James Madison University.
  • The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute (LACSI) selected Aaron Kelly to receive a Tinker Graduate Field Research Award, funded by the Tinker Foundation, Inc., the UGA Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, and the UGA Graduate School, for Summer 2016 to conduct dissertation research in Mexico.
  • The Graduate School has awarded Jieun Lee a 2016 Summer Doctoral Research Fellowship.
Further congratulations to our doctoral students for continuing to present their research at a wide variety of conferences:
  • Joelle Ré Arp-Dunham presented “The Cognitive Stanislavski in the Rehearsal Hall” at The “S Word”: Stanislavski and the Future of Acting, An international Symposium at the Stanislavski Centre in London. She also presented Sitaraha—The Stars and Syria: Trojan Women, Two Plays of Asian Women Displaced by War, at the 55th Annual Meeting of the Southeast Conference of the Association of Asian Studies.
  • Jieun Lee presented "The Politics of Laughter: Performing Intersectional Variety in Margaret Cho's Comedy” at the Mid-America Theatre Conference and as invited Keynote speaker for the Ninth Annual Women's Studies Student Research Symposium at Emory Oxford College presented “Are we really FRESH OFF THE BOAT: Representations of Asian American Women in Film and TV in the United States.”
  • For the Symposium on Performance of the African Diaspora as Social Change at Georgia College, Aaron Kelly presented “African Ritual Inspirations: Use of Foodstuffs in the Performance Art of William Pope.L” and Jean Young presented “The Stories They Didn’t Tell Me Were the Ones Needed Most: Sharon Bridgforth’s Bull Jean Stories.”
  • For Theatre Symposium, Geoffrey Douglas presented “Dialogue in the Dugout: Cross Cultural Representations of Professional Athletes in Take Me Out” and Seth Wilson presented “Star Power as Storytelling: Anne Bracegirdle in Aphra Behn’s The Widow Ranter as Sympathetic Depiction of Indigenous People.”