Callback Lists for Spring 2017

Callbacks for Long Christmas Ride Home

4p-8p Sunday October 23

Fine Arts Room 352

Everyone, please wear clothes that you are comfortable moving around in and getting on the ground.

Everyone, please be prepared to work with objects and puppets.
Women, please look at the sides/monologues for both Claire and Rebecca.
Men, please look at the sides/monologues for Stephen.

Please Note: You may still be under consideration even if your name does not appear on this list. Please check the casting list when it gets posted.

Anthony Nash
Brad Burnham
Brandy Sexton
Brian Chenard
Brianna Young
Brie Wolf
Derek Henderson
Drew Manning
Ellen Everitt
Eva Ramirez
Grace Metsinger
Hannah Martin
Hayley Barron
J D Hyers
Jake Berne
Jessica Browder
Jordan Richards
Lukas Woodyard
Melanie Sheahan
Rebecca Ispas
Ross Manning
Taylor Bahin
Wynelle Studdard


Call backs for Vanya, Sonya, Masha and Spike

Thanks everyone. Please download ( PRINT and review sides prior to your audition TIMES. There are 3 sides and time slots for each character. You probably will not read all three sides. We will be in room 115. Come early. The stage manager will be in the hall and call you in to audition. Those of you who are called back for Spike will be asked to disrobe to your underwear after you have finished with all of your reading. There is a slight possibility that the women called back for Nina will be asked to read Cassandra Side B. Break a leg.

Briana Young
Ellen Evert
Taylor Banin
Lauren King
Kileigh Adams
Rebecca Ispas
Brandy Sexton

Jordan Richards
Grant Pfost
Andy Han
Brad Burnham
Jake Berne
Brian Chanard
JD Hyers

Brie Woolf
Eva Ramirez
Wynelle Studdard
Melanie Sheehan
Ashleigh Randolph
Kileigh Adams
Julia Warren
Rebecca Ispas

Saturday, Oct 22

6:30pm – 7:00pm
Pages 12 and 13 (with Vanya and Sonia)
Pages 45 and 46 (with Vanya)

7:00 – 7:30
Cassandra and Spike
Pages 61 – 63 (with Masha)

7:30 – 7:45
Pages 16 – 18 (with Vanya, Sonia, Masha)

7:45 – 8:15
Nina and Spike
Pages 25 and 26 (with Vanya, Sonia, Masha)

8:15 – 8:45
Pages 32 and 33 (with Vanya)
Page 55 (just the first part of the play as a monologue)


Callbacks for Machinal

Thank you, everyone, for auditioning!

We want to see everyone we’re calling back on Sunday in room 352
• ensemble from 11:00-12:30 movement and vocal work that will include group improv, learning a short movement phrase, and creating a brief sound/movement piece
• from 1:00-3:00, reading from the sides available in the department dropbox

Taylor Bahin: mother, ensemble
John Buisman: husband, lover, ensemble
Brian Chenard: lover, ensemble
Ellen Everitt: young woman, mother, ensemble
Rebeca Ispas: young woman, ensemble
Lauren King: young woman, mother, ensemble
Drew Manning: ensemble
Ross Manning: ensemble
Hannah Martin: young woman, ensemble
Grace Metsinger: young woman, mother, ensemble
Anthony Nash: husband, lover, ensemble
Mark Quebedeaux: lover, ensemble
Eva Ramirez: young woman, ensemble
Ashleigh Randolph: young woman, ensemble
Jordan Richards: lover, ensemble
Brandy Sexton: mother, ensemble
Tom von Dohlen: ensemble, husband, lover
Brie Wolfe: young woman, ensemble
Lukas Woodyard: ensemble


Callbacks for Titus Andronicus

Room 115, Saturday, October 22, 8:30-12:30 PM

Please look over and print (bring with you) the “sides” for the following characters from the drama website,

8:30 NURSE: Brie Wolfe, Brandy Sexton, Wynelle Studdard, Taylor Bahin, Hayley Barron, Bailey Mann

8:50 CLOWN: Taylor Bahin, Hayley Barron, Bailey Mann, Kileigh Adams, Hanna Martin

9:15 DEMETRIUS/CHIRON/TAMORA: Ton Von Dolen, Jordan Richards, Andy Han, Gil Eplan-Frankel, Brad Burnham, Brian Chenard, Riley Carlson, John Buisman, Taylor Wood, Ellen Everett, Melanie Sheahan.

10:30 LUCIUS: Jordan Richards, Gil Eplan-Frankel, Antonia Mantica, Brad Burnham, Jake Berne, Brian Chenard, Anthony Nash

11:00 BASSIANUS: Antonio Mantica, Brian Chenard, Riley Carlson, Tom Von Dolen, Anthony Nash, John Buisman

11:25 AMELIA(AEMELIUS): Brandy Sexton, Ellen Everett, Wynelle Studdard, Jessica Browder, Lauren King, Hannah Martin.

11: 45 YOUNG LUCIUS: Brie Wolfe, Ashleigh Randolph, Julia Warren.

12:00 TAMORA: Ellen Everett, Taylor Wood, Melanie Sheahan