Casting - Spring Season University Theatre


Long Christmas Ride Home

Cast List
Man/Narrator: Mark McManus
Woman/Narrator:  Ami Salee
Stephen:  Brian Chenard
Rebecca: Taylor Bahin
Claire:  Melanie Sheehan
Ensemble/Minister:  Jake Berne
Ensemble /Grandmother:  Wynelle Studdard
Ensemble /Grandfather:  Drew Manning
Thank you to all who auditioned for sharing your playfulness, energy, talents and effort. Deciding among the vibrant choices was a difficult process. The following list reflects a combination of talents and dynamics that I believe will form an energized and exciting ensemble for exploring and telling Paula Vogel’s very human puppet story.
We will meet for our first week of rehearsals beginning Nov 29th and begin the following schedule. Please contact the Stage Manager or myself for any conflicts beyond what you listed on your audition sheet.
Performance:  Jan 31-Feb 5 @ Seney-Stovall
Rehearsals:  Nov 29-Dec 2: 6:30-10p,  Dec 3: 11a-5p,  Jan 5-Jan 30; Sunday-Friday 6-11pm
Off-Book:  Jan 5

Vanya, Sonia, Masha and Spike

We will start rehearsals right after break on January 5.  I would like to have a read through before break. Please let me know if you would be available on Monday November.

Vanya:  Larry Cox
Masha:  Anna Pieri
Sonia:  Katie Butcher
Spike: JD Hyers
Nina: Rebecca Ispas
Cassandra: Lauren King


John Buisman: husband
Eva Ramirez: young woman
Jordan Richards: lover
Brandy Sexton: mother
Ellen Everitt: ensemble
Grace Metsinger: ensemble
Mark Quebedeaux: ensemble
Ashleigh Randolph: ensemble
Lukas Woodyard: ensemble
Briana Young: ensemble
Thank you, everyone, for auditioning!

Titus Andronicus

Thank you to all who auditioned. Your strong preparation made decisions very difficult and I appreciate your bringing your “A” game to auditions and callbacks.
Those of you not cast, please know that your talents are needed here in the Department of Theatre & Film Studies and I look forward to working with you in the future.
Saturninus: Charlie Cromer
Bassanius: Antonio Mantica
Titus A.: John Terry
Lavinia: Brittney Harris
Marcus A.: Daniel Stock
Publius: Brad Burnham
Aaron: Marlon Burnley
Lucius A.: Anthony Nash
Quintus A.: Eric Baylot
Martius A.: Riley Carlson
Mutius A.: Andy Han
Young Lucius A.: Brie Wolfe
Nurse: Bailey Mann
Tamora: Taylor Wood
Chiron: Tom Von Dolen
Demetrius: Gil Eplan-Frankel
Three Oracles (The Three Oracles will function as a chorus and general advisors to Emperor, Generals. Their dialogue will be culled from the dialogue of characters like Amelius, Messengers, Tribunes, etc.):
Alsharae` Rae
Jessica Browder
Hannah Martin
Characters to be determined from the Ensemble:
Alarbus, Goths, Soldiers, Clown, Messenger, etc.
We will be using the Arden edition of Titus Andronicus. It’s long regarding page numbers but has the best, most extensive notes on the bottom of each page to help you understand the text.  I will try to get a cut/edited copy to each of you before winter break. Please expect that there will be CUTS to almost every character in the play. I want to get this play no longer than two hours and will probably cut 300-400 lines. Please don’t be offended by the cuts; they have nothing to do with your ability and should not be taken personally.
I am very happy and excited to be working with all of you. I look forward to your creative contributions to this project.
, 706-542-2085, room 301, Fine Arts Building