Production Submission Deadline: 2017-2018 Academic


Production Submission Deadline: 2017-2018 Academic Year

5:00pm, April 12, 2017: This is the final deadline to submit a production proposal for any project, including class final projects, to be performed in Fall 2017. Proposals will also be considered for Spring 2018 productions.

Proposals may of course be submitted earlier than the final dates above.

All student production proposals must be perused, discussed with and signed by a faculty advisor
  • Faculty advisors are to provide a written letter of support attesting to student’s ability to lead, organize and accomplish stated goals.
  • The faculty advisor is encouraged to attend the production committee meeting where the proposal is scheduled to be discussed.
  • Faculty advisor is required to attend production load-in to insure all safety and load-in protocols are followed (see “student production contract” in Handbook

Dates Available: 2017-2018 (Please note that all open dates will not necessarily be filled.)

FALL 2017
  • Sept 8- 10:     Arena/Balcony
  • Sept 24-25:    Arena/Balcony
  • Oct 8-10:              Cellar/Arena
  • Oct 17-21/22: Cellar/Arena
  • Nov 5-6:        Cellar/Arena
  • Dec 3-4:         Cellar/Arena
  • Jan 5-7:         Arena
  • Jan 11-13/14: Arena
  • Jan 26-28:     Arena/Balcony
  • Feb 1-3/4:      Arena/Balcony
  • Feb 6-7/8:      Cellar
  • March 1-3/4: Cellar/Arena
  • March 25-27: Arena
  • April 16-18:   Cellar/Arena (New GA Group)
Please be aware thatcriteria are required for all student directors.

For Undergraduates:
  1. All directors must have taken THEA 5600 and received a grade of “B” or better.
  2. Student directors must have assistant directed a faculty or guest artist production OR served as production stage manager or ASM for a faculty or guest artist production.
  3. Student directors must have completed THEA 3500 with THEA 5010 being highly recommended.
  4. Student directors must have a demonstrated record of strong initiative and outstanding organizational skills.
For Graduate Students:
  1. Have prior directing experience or have assistant directed a faculty or guest artist production in the department.
  2. Have successfully completed a graduate or undergraduate directing course at UGA or elsewhere.
  3. Must have prior approval of major professor in writing.
  4. Be in good academic standing in their program of study.
Exceptions to the above criteria will only be considered through a one-page appeal that clearly explains why these criteria do not apply to this specific proposal and which will outline the qualifications of students in leadership roles.

Proposal forms with all appropriate areas filled out are to be submitted to Director of Theatre, Ray Paolino in his faculty mailbox in Main Office 203. Proposal forms are available in the department office or on the department website.

Students must attach to the submission form:
  • A current resume of theatre experiences and theatre courses taken
  • A copy of the script
  • Faculty advisor letter of support
Incomplete proposal forms (no resume, no faculty letter of support, no script, etc.) will not be considered by the production committee.

Please note that approval of production does not guarantee an available rehearsal space due to the large number of projects approved.