Callbacks for the Fall Season are Here! Animal Farm, Cabaret, The Last Witch

Callbacks for Animal Farm
Director: T. Anthony Marotta
CALLBACK TIME: Sunday, August 20 from 9am-12pm
PREPARE: The callback will consist of physical ensemble work and readings from the script. Please wear clothing that you are comfortable moving in and can roll around on the ground with. Please be familiar with Ian Wooldridge’s Animal Farm script. Please have strong choices and character interests prepared. All roles and role genders are open.

Sides are available online in the Dropbox on our department website, Login to the site with your MyID and select “Dropbox” from the Dashboard.

We will focus on the following scenes: 
MAJOR: Scene A - pg 12 from "No animal..." to "...labour would be our own."
BOXER, CLOVER and BENJAMIN/SQUEALER (same actor): Scene B - pgs 26-28 (after Napoleon speech until end of page)
SNOWBALL, NAPOLEON, CLOVER, MOLLIE, PIGEON/STORYTELLER(same actor): Scene C - pgs 21-23 (from stage direction Battle of Cowshed until An argument ensues)
WHOAll who auditioned during the General Auditions are being considered for the Animal Farm cast. If you are not on this list, you may still be under consideration for this production. The following performers are called back on Aug 20 for additional time with the script and director. 
Alexa Adcock
AlSharae Ray
Ashleigh Randolph
Emma Mathews
Faizah Haider
Grace Metsinger
Haley Clark
Julia Koch
Lauren King
Lily Guthrie
Natascha Parez
Rachel Hoover
Savannah Hudson
Sophia Dhanani
Grant Pfost
John Terry
Josh Hudson
Justin Hall
Zachary Pareizs
Eric Baylot
Henry Bui
Callbacks for Cabaret

Thank you to everyone who auditioned, there was an abundance of talent that came through the audition room. Below are the callbacks for Cabaret. Be aware that actors may be called back for multiple roles.

Fraulein Kost:
Hanna Alfredsson
Melanie Sheahan
Lauren King
Nickasey Freeman
Taylor Bahin
Fraulein Schneider:
Lauren King
Emma Matthews
Grace Metsinger
Taylor Bahin
Herr Schultz:
Matthew Suwalski
Eric Baylot
Jordan Sollie
Ernst Ludwig:
Eric Baylot
Jordan Richards
Jordan Sollie
Matthew Suwalski
Josh Hudson
Clifford Bradshaw:
Eric Baylot
Jordan Richards
Jordan Sollie
Jake Berne
Zachary Taylor
Jack Dougan
Zachary Pareizs
Quadry Brown
Kyle Farrell
Rayna Gordon
Breylee Gordan
Brandy Sexton
Vivian Lee-Boulton
Eva Ramirez
Olivia Bell
Lily Guthrie
Isabel Arenas
Jordan Richey
Nina Bayani
Kendall Lively
Rachel Hoover
Kristen Rary
Haley Clark
Callbacks will be from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM in rooms 115 and 51. There will be both a dance and vocal call, so please dress appropriately for movement and stay well hydrated.

1pm–2pm: Dance Call
2pm–3:30pm: Music Call
3:30pm–6:00pm: Role Reading
Sides are available online in the Dropbox on our department website, Login to the site with your MyID and select “Dropbox” from the Dashboard. Please read all the sides for roles you have been considered for. Anyone considered for a principal role is also being considered for an ensemble role. A new callback side has been added for the character of Clifford Bradshaw.

Once again, thank you to everyone who came and auditioned, and break a leg to those of you called back.
Thank you,

Freddie Ashley, Director, and David A. Forsee, Assistant Director
Callbacks for The Last Witch

Thank you all for your excellent preparation and commitment to the fall season! The callbacks for LAST WITCH will be Saturday, 1:00-4:30 pm in room 115. Please arrive a few minutes early for your appointment.
Please check carefully, you may be called back for more than one role.

Sides are available online in the Dropbox on our department website, Login to the site with your MyID and select “Dropbox” from the Dashboard.

Douglas (w/ Janet) (pg. 56-57)
Helen (w/ Janet) (pg. 9-11)
Niall (w/ Ross) (pg. 24-25)
Nick (w/ Helen) (pg. 47-49)
Ross (w/ Janet) (pg. 33-35)
Ross (w/ Janet) (pg. 63-65)
Niall: Skip Hulett, Ingram Griffith, Brewer Kunnemann
Douglas: Matthew Suwalski, John Terry, Brewer Kunnemann
Ross: John Terry, Matthew Suwalski
Helen: Savannah Hudson, Hannah Alfredson, Melanie Sheahan, Brandi Sexton,
Vivian Lee-Boulton, Emma Matthews, Brie Wolfe, Julia Warren
Nick:  Jack Dugan, Zachary Taylor, Grant Pfost, Josh Hudson
1:00 PM—ALL Douglas and ALL Ross actors. Read w/Janet.
2:15 PM—ALL Niall and ALL Ross actors
2:45 PM—ALL Helen actors read w/Janet.
3:30 PM—ALL Helen actors read w/ Nick.
Thanks again for all of your participation.
Ray Paolino, Director, and Bailey Mann, Assistant Director.