Fall 2016 University Theatre Cast Lists

The Last Witch

Thanks to all of you fabulous students who auditioned! I very much appreciate your focus, preparation and talent during generals and callbacks. You all behaved so professionally.

I also want to welcome all our awesome freshman class into the program and into our daily working life. You guys made a terrific impression.
Cast List
Janet: Anna Pieri
Helen: Melanie Sheahan
Douglas: Brewer Kunnemann
Elspeth: Brittney Harris
Ross: Charlie Cromer
Nick: Zachary Taylor
Niall: Ingram Griffin
Some of you will need to go to the costume shop very soon for measurements. You will be notified at tomorrow’s rehearsal.

Our schedule this week will be:

Mon-Fri, 7-11 PM.
Sunday (8/27) 3-9 PM (with a one-hour break between)

First two rehearsals, Mon-Tue, 8/21-8/22, in room 310 for readings and discussion.

Additional rehearsals in room 115.

I’m very excited about working with you and look forward to rehearsals starting. Can’t wait to see your choices in the coming weeks!

Ray Paolino

Animal Farm

Thank you to all who auditioned for sharing your playfulness, energy, talents and effort. Deciding among the vibrant choices was a difficult process. This list reflects a combination of talents and dynamics that I believe will form an energized and exciting ensemble for exploring and telling our very human animal fable. 
Major/Ensemble: Lauren King
Boxer/Ensemble: Marlon Burnley
Squealer/Ensemble: Savannah Hudson
Napoleon/Ensemble: John Terry
Snowball/Ensemble: Natascha Parez
Clover/Ensemble: Haley Clark
Mollie/Ensemble: Emma Mathews
Benjamin/Ensemble: Justin Hall

Rachel Hoover
Zachary Pareizs
Grant Pfost
Ashleigh Randolph

The cast of Animal Farm has been asked to read a short excerpt from our show for the UGA Theatre Inaugural Season 2017-2018 Launch event on Saturday August 26. I may be contacting some of you shortly to participate.

The full cast will meet for our first week of rehearsals beginning Aug 27 and begin the following schedule:
·         Aug 27, 6pm: First Rehearsal
·         Rehearsals: Sun-Fri 6:00-10:00pm 
·         No Rehearsal on Labor Day, Sept 4. 
·         Rehearsal is Scheduled for the Friday Sept 1 before Labor Day.
·         Off-Book Sept 8
·         Load-In/Tech: Sunday Oct 1
·         Tech/Dress: Monday Oct 2
·         Preview Matinee: Tuesday Oct 3 @ Seney-Stovall Chapel
·         Performances: Oct 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 @ Seney-Stovall Chapel
Scripts can be picked up in the Main Office. The Stage Manager will contact you soon.


The Emcee: Larry Cox
Sally Bowles: Katie Butcher
Herr Schultz: Matthew Suwalski
Fraulein Schneider: Taylor Bahin
Clifford Bradshaw: Eric Baylot
Ernst: Jake Berne
Kost: Hanna Alfredsson

Kit Kat Girls/Boys:
Brandy Sexton
Kasey Freeman
Jordan Richey
Rayna Gordan
Isabel Arenas
Vivian Lee-Boulton
Josh Hudson
Quadry Brown
Kyle Farrell
Jordan Richards

Jordan Sollie
Kristen Rary
Grace Metsinger