Dr. Emily Sahakian Recognized as one of the 30 Faces of the Humanities and Arts

The Willson Center celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2017-2018. In recognition of our three decades of work at the University of Georgia and beyond, we asked 30 of our friends, colleagues, collaborators, and community members to share their ideas about the value of the humanities and arts.

Theatre & Film Studies professor Dr. Emily Sahakian was chosen as one of the 30 Faces of the Humanities and Arts. Dr. Sahakian shared the following thoughts of the importance of the Humanities and Arts:

The humanities and arts teach us to see ourselves and our experiences in a larger cultural and historical perspective, to encounter others empathetically, and to grapple critically and creatively with big questions about life, death, human nature, and society. Through my research, teaching, and the events I organize on Caribbean theatre and performance, I teach Creole and African-derived knowledges and worldviews; cultivate experiential learning through performance, dance, and song; and foster reflection on the legacies of slavery and colonialism, the interplay between cultural difference and shared humanity, and the value of community.

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