Cast Lists for Detroit, BFE, and Othello

Detroit Cast List
Directed by George Contini
Thanks to everyone who auditioned!  It was terrific to see so many new faces!
If we don’t get the opportunity to work together on this production, I look forward to future possibilities of working with you.
If you are interested in being involved in the production in another capacity don’t hesitate to contact me.
The production dates are February 16-25, 2018.
Rehearsals begin January 4th and run to opening on February 16.
Rehearsals are usually 6-10 pm Monday thru Friday and one weekend day 10 am -5 pm.

I will be sending out rehearsal schedules over break based on the conflicts you gave on your audition sheets.
The following people have been cast:
Ben John Terry *  MFA Thesis
Mary Ami Corley*  MFA Thesis
Sharon Taylor Wood*  MFA Thesis
Kenny Matthew Suwalski
Frank Skip Hulett 
Mary U/S Savanah Hudson
Ben U/S Grant Pfost
Kenny U/S Jordan Richards
Sharon U/S Lily Guthrie
Frank U/S  Brewer Kunneman
A Note about Understudies: Understudies serve as swings if cast members are unable to attend a rehearsal or performance.  They will not need to attend every rehearsal but will need to be knowledgeable of blocking, have working knowledge of script, and be on call.
Scripts are available from the front office.
Any further questions, please contact Professor Contini at
BFE Cast List
Director: Farley Richmond
Panny Connie Li
Isabel Vivian Lee-Boulton
Lefty Dave Kim
Hae-yoon Xin Tian
Hugo Tucker Turner
Nancy Emma Rowe
Evvie Rachael Simpson
Jack/The General Jacob Dannenfelser
The Man James Cogswell
Othello Cast List
Directed by Kristin Kundert

Thanks all!  Great work! 
Our first rehearsal will be February 4th.   Stay tuned for more news.
Iago: Charlie Cromer
Othello: Marlon Burnley
Desdemona & Singer: Melanie Sheahan
Emelia: Katie Butcher
Cassio: Brian Chenard
Roderigo: Anna Pieri
Messagner & Bianca: Alexa Adcock
1st Senator & Othello Attendant/soldier & Singer: Brie Wolfe
3rd Senator & Trans prostitute: Zachary Parezis
Brabantio’s servant & 1st soldier: Justin Hall
Gratiano: Natascha Tang
Lodavico: Lauren King
Brabantio & 3rd soldier: Jake Hunsbusher
Barbantio’s servant, prostitute & singer: Olivia Black
Duke & Montano: Anthony Nash
2rd Senator & 2nd Soldier: Javier Soriano