Presentations at ASTR 2014

UGA was well represented by doctoral faculty and students at the annual meeting of the American Society for Theatre Research in November 2014.

  • David Saltz contributed “Robots and Puppets” to the working session on Puppetry and Material Performance and also brought the Zeeb Zob the Robot Fortune Teller to perform at ASTR with the assistance of doctoral student Jean Young
  • Fran Teague presented “George Washington’s Hatchet and Shakespeare’s Stage” to the Shakespeare working session.
  • Marla Carlson shared “Embodying the Interspecies Mind: Choreographic Becoming(-, with)” as part of the working session Animals Perform.
  • Doctoral candidate Adron Farris convened the working session on "Indigenous Research in the Americas: I Object! These Things Have Been Performing Long Before You Started Watching," with which he shared “This Trail Isn’t Playing: Cherokee Removal and the Trail Where They Cried.” Adron also participated in the conference’s closing State of the Profession panel and was recognized at the awards luncheon as a Helen Krich Chinoy Dissertation Fellowship recipient.
  • Doctoral student Lisbeth Wells-Pratt contributed “Cybernetic Serendipity: Musicians and Machines in Performance” to the working session “Our Best Machines are Made of Sunshine:” How Mediated, Robotic and “Virtual” Presences Perform, and she also co-chaired plenary panel sponsored by the Theatre Library Association.
  • Doctoral student Jieun Lee shared “Korean Shaman Food for Souls: An Observation on Keum Hwa Kim’s Gut Performance for the Sewol Ferry Victims” with the working session How To Do Things With Foods.
  • Doctoral student Aaron Kelly contributed “Charles Mee’s Open Source Vision” to the working session Machine Labor + Mechanical Logic.
  • Alumna Alicia Corts again co-convened the Postpartum working session, to which she contributed “Pixellated Pregnancy: The Crafting of the Pregnant Body Online.”