Elise Robinson
MLC Room 214

Elise Robinson, PhD candidate in Theatre & Performance Studies, will be presenting at the Speaker Series hosted by the Institute of Women's Studies. This colloquium is a joint one with IWS and the Department of Theatre & Film Studies.

About the presentation: Most people know about the Suffragettes and their campaign to enfranchise the women of Britain at the beginning of the twentieth century, but few are aware that an important part of the suffrage campaign was the creation and sale of games with an explicit suffrage theme. From board games to card games to puzzles and children's toys, suffragettes and their supporters made and sold a huge variety of entertainments to the public. In this talk I will explore the various games associated with the women's suffrage movement and argue that the creation and sale of suffrage games was a critical part of the propaganda of the women's suffrage movement. Replicas of selected suffrage games will be available to interact with.

Theatre & Film Studies, Women's Studies
PhD Performance Studies
Elise Robinson is working on her PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies, focusing on theatre and performance in the British women's suffrage movement… Read more