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Class registration problems, individualized courses, PODs

I need to take an independent study or other individualized class with a professor. Who do I ask? How do I choose the right number of hours?

Arrange this with the instructor for the course. Your advisor/major professor cannot do this for you unless they will be the one responsible for your grade for the course. Once you have talked to the instructor, Fill out this form, which will go to the instructor and then routed to the appropriate student support staff.

NOTE: If it is a variable hour course, in most cases you’ll want it to be 3 hours (but the professor can specify with you). For example, THEA 5080 can count as a theatre elective but only if it’s 3 credit hours. You have to select the number of hours when registering – click on the number for the course’s credit hours, which should appear blue in Athena. Then you can select the hours.

Click here for instructions on adjusting the hours.  


I’m trying to register for a class and it won’t let me in. What do I do? What’s a POD?

It depends on the error or restriction code. See below for link to the online form.

  • POD: permission of department is needed. 

    • PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME A COURSE IS POD: check the bulletin ( for PODs/prerequisites, and try to register first before emailing around for PODs if the bulletin doesn’t specify POD. If a course isn't supposed to be showing up as POD but the system gives you that error code, email Dina to let her know/send a screenshot of the error.

  • PREREQ: a prerequisite course is needed. Some professors may be willing to waive some prereqs in limited circumstances.

  • Course does not exist in Athena or not under correct professor’s name: if it is an individualized course (independent study/project, thesis research, etc.), the course will need to be created and permission entered for the student. See below for link.

    • Note: GRAD TAs may have to wait until later to add THEA 7005/9005 due to  assistantship assignments. Please register for all other courses and check back on 7005/9005 at a later date. But yes, you MUST register for that course if you are a TA.

  • Course is full: in general, just keep an eye out during drop/add (the department does not manage any waitlists), but if it’s a required course for the major (ex: THEA 4210), let Dina know. Sometimes we can add seats to a lecture class or add another section if it’s a performance/directing class, though this cannot be guaranteed.

  • Other errors or restrictions:

    • Time conflict: in rare cases, some professors may be willing to override a time conflict if their class has more variable times than listed. 

    • Level restriction: see below about undergrads attempting to register for graduate level courses. If you are a graduate student and this seems to come up in error, email Dina (include your ID# and the CRN with a screenshot)

    • Major restriction: we do limit a few courses specifically to theatre majors, such as acting classes except for THEA 2010 and 3600. This is why THEA 3500 currently has a POD restriction, so that it can be reserved for majors. See here for information on acting classes for theatre minors:

    • Incorrect POD: if you’ve already obtained a POD or a course doesn’t usually require a POD, for example, and you still can’t register, send a screenshot to Dina so she can investigate. Sometimes the system tosses in POD restrictions that aren't supposed to be there, but we can fix that.

    • Closed: If a course is closed/has no time or seats or instructor, it may be showing up in error on Athena (it happens) and not supposed to be there for the semester. Please notify Steven at

CLICK HERE to fill out POD/Override form

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