The film studies minor requires a total of 15 credit-hours of coursework, no more than six of which (two courses) may be from the 2000-level.

Coursework—Minor in Film Studies

Course Title Credit Hours
Select five of the following: 15
FILM 2120 Introduction to Cinema
FILM 2130 American Ethnic Cinema
FILM 4250 History of Cinema I (Prerequisite: FILM 2120)
FILM 4260 History of Cinema II (Prerequisite: FILM 2120)
FILM 4600 Women and Film (Prerequisite: FILM 2120)
FILM 4620 Genre Cinema (Prerequisite: FILM 2120)
FILM 4640 Latin American Film and Media
FILM 4650 French Film History (Prerequisite: FILM 2120)
FILM 4660 History of Animation (Prerequisite: FILM 2120)
FILM 4670 Film, Technology, and Style (Prerequisite: FILM 2120)
FILM 4680 Introduction to Digital Video Production (Prerequisite: Permission of department)
FILM 5481 Special Topics in Cinema (Prerequisite: FILM 2120)
FILM 5640 Directing for Cinema
FILM 5700 Internship in Film/Media
FILM 5900 Film Theory (Prerequisite: FILM 4250 or FILM 4260)
Other allowable options:
THEA 3020 Basic Dramatic Writing
THEA 3700 Design for Film/TV
THEA 4000 Dramatic Writing I (Prerequisite: THEA 3020)
THEA 5620 Dramatic Writing II (Prerequisite: THEA 4000)
THEA 5810 Computer Animation for Dramatic Media I
THEA 5820 Computer Animation for Dramatic Media II
THEA 5830 Computer Animation for Dramatic Media III

No more than one equivalent transfer course may be used to fulfill the requirements of a theatre or film studies minor. No non-equivalent transfer courses may be used towards a minor.