Required Coursework

Course Title Credit Hours
THEA 6510 Introduction to Graduate Studies in Drama 1
THEA 7815 Computer Animation for Dramatic Media I 3
THEA 7865 Interactive Media as Drama I 3
THEA 7875 Interactive Media and Live Performance 3
THEA 7781 Dramatic Media Studio I 3
THEA 7782 Dramatic Media Studio II 3
THEA 7783 Dramatic Media Studio III 3
THEA 7784 Dramatic Media Studio IV 3
THEA 7610 Play Direction Laboratory—or— 3
FILM 6660 Digital Video Production 3
THEA 7560 Projects in Theatre 3
THEA 7210 MFA Thesis Project 3

In addition, students are required to take two graduate-level cinema or theatre history courses chosen with the approval of the area faculty, one 8000-level graduate seminar (3 credit hours), and at least 20 hours of approved graduate-level courses. Three courses (nine credits) maximum may be taken in courses outside the department. This is a three-year program requiring 60 semester hours of coursework.