A minimum of 60 credits is required for the M.F.A. degree. Depending upon the student’s undergraduate background, additional course work may be required for acting specialists. Students are admitted to the program every third year, and completion of the degree requires a three-year residency period.

The following course of study is the minimum required for the specialization in acting:

Acting Core

Course Title Credit Hours
THEA 7590 Acting Process 3
THEA 7540 Characterization for the Actor 3
THEA 7331 Shakespeare 3
THEA 7550 Genre and Style 3
THEA 7570 Acting for the Camera 3
THEA 7592 Showcase 1
THEA 7572 The Actor As Entrepreneur 3
THEA 7521 Voice I: Freeing the Voice 3
THEA 7522 Voice II: Standard Speech and Dialect 3
THEA 7523 Voice III: Verse and Heightened Text 3
THEA 7524 Voice IV: Voice for Media 3
THEA 7511 The Moving Body Expresses 3
THEA 7512 Masks and Physical Actor 3
THEA 7513 Physical Performance 3
THEA 7514 Staged Physical Violence 3
THEA 7770 Professional Residency 3-9

Academic Core

Course Title Credit Hours
GRSC 7770 Teaching Assistant Training  
THEA 6510 Introduction to Graduate Studies 1
THEA 7610 Directing Lab 3
THEA 7210 Thesis Project Research 3
THEA 7220 Thesis Project: Performance 3
THEA 8000 Theories of Acting 3

Plus 6 credit hours of any electives.

In addition, the student must take two courses (6 hours) of any the following graduate level theatre history courses:

Course Title Credit Hours
THEA 6210 Theatre and Modernity 3
THEA 6220 Theatre and Society 3
THEA 6230 Theatre and Ritual 3
THEA 6280 Women in Performance 1
THEA 6300 Queer Theatre and Film 3
THEA 6400 Asian Theatre 3
THEA 6460 History of Dramatic Art: Special Topics 3
THEA 6470 African Theatre 3
THEA 6480 African American Theatre 3
THEA 6500 The Broadway Musical and American Culture 3
THEA 7340 History of Costume I 3
THEA 7341 History of Costume II 3
THEA 6800 Topics in History 3

Please note that in order to participate in an internship the student must be in good academic standing, have completed all history requirements, the directing requirement, the 8000 level requirement, and THEA 6510. Students are not guaranteed an internship. Although the department will create opportunities for networking, it is the responsibility of the student to research, contact, audition, and interview for internships. The basic requirements for internship placements are:

  1. That you are working with professional Equity actors in theatre operating under Equity contracts.
  2. That you either receive stage time in a substantial role or serve as an understudy for a substantial role.
  3. This work could involve an internship that requires other duties over the course of a set time period with the company; or it could only involve performing with the company in a particular production.