The theatre minor requires a total of 15 credit-hours of coursework.

Coursework—Minor in Theatre

Course Title Credit Hours
Choose one foundational course: 3
THEA 2000 Appreciation of Dramatic Art—or—
THEA 2010H Appreciation of Dramatic Art (Honors Program)—or—
THEA 2010 Introduction to Acting
Theatre Electives. Select two of the following: 6
THEA 3020 Basic Dramatic Writing
THEA 3290 Script Analysis—or—
THEA 3291H Script Analysis (Honors Program)
THEA 3300 Introduction to Design
THEA 3700 Design for Film and Television
THEA 4210/6210 Theatre and Modernity
THEA 4220/6220 Theatre and Society
THEA 4230/6230 Theatre and Ritual
THEA 4280/6280 Women in Performance
THEA 4300/6300 Queer Theatre and Film
THEA 4400/6400 Asian Theatre and Drama
THEA (AFAM) 4460/6460 History of Dramatic Art: Special Topics (Study Abroad)
THEA (AFST) 4470/6470 African Theatre
THEA (AFAM) 4480/6480 History of African-American Drama and Theatre
THEA 4500/6500 The Broadway Musical and American Culture
THEA 4700/6700 Dramaturgy
THEA 4800/6800 Topics in History
THEA 5710S/7710S Community-Based Theatre
General Electives: 6
Two upper division (3000-5000 level) THEA courses.

Notes—Theatre Minor

  • THEA 2010 cannot be substituted for THEA 3500 if you declare Theatre as a major.
  • If you are interested in more acting classes, please note that most acting courses (other than THEA 3600; May term offerings THEA 5335 and 5565 are open to non-majors) are limited only to theatre majors. THEA 3500 is required for Theatre majors but can, in rare cases, be taken by theatre minors if they have first taken THEA 2010 and THEA 3290. If a declared theatre minor has (a) completed both of those two classes and (b) there are open seats in THEA 3500 one week before the start of classes, they can email the Student Support Coordinator (dinac at uga) for major override.
  • No course will count toward a minor unless it is earned with a grade of “C” or better. (A grade of “C-” does not satisfy this requirement.)
  • Transfer students may count no more than three hours of equivalent credit toward the minor.