Cabaret MTC
Photo: Jason Thrasher

Overview of Program

The Musical Theatre Certificate Program will be open only to students pursuing an undergraduate major (AB, BFA, or B.Mus) in Theatre, Music, or Dance, and is designed to supplement and build on the curricula of those majors. Certificate courses in the student’s major department will also count toward the students’ AB, BFA, or B.Mus degree, and consequently the Certificate program will require that a student take between 10 and 17 hours beyond the requirements of their major.

Students will audition for the program for a panel comprised of at least one representative from each area of Dance, Music, and Theatre. The audition will consist of one short monologue, and two contrasting 32 bar songs (each cut should be about a minute) from the Broadway Musical repertoire. They will also prepare a short statement of purpose and submit a headshot and resume. Once accepted into the program a student will work with their academic advisor to make certain they are meeting all requirements.

Once accepted in the program, classes require a passing grade of at least a B to successfully complete the program.  e anticipate that demand for the program will be very high and the number of slots will be severely limited, and to ensure that the program can accommodate the most dedicated and qualified students, students applying for the program must have at least a 3.0 GPA

Audition Materials and Forms

Application & Audition Guidelines
Audition Tips
Application (Print & Fill Out)
Musical Theatre Certificate Reference Form
Audition & Adjudication Form
Informational Flyer on Program

Application Process

When completed please label all your files with your first name_last name _title of doc_ (George_contini_headshot). Put all files in a folder and send a link to the folder to Professor George Contini at

  1. Statement of Purpose—In 100 words or less please express your rationale for gaining the certificate and how it aligns with your professional and academic goals.
  2. Headshot and Performance Resume—Please submit a jpg (no bigger than 1MB) of your headshot and a copy of your performance resume.  While you are not required to have professional headshots,  your photo should align to industry standards, be well lit, and sized 8 x 10.   Resumes should be formatted as per professional acting resume templates.
  3. Completed and Signed Application
  4. Copy of Unofficial transcript
  5. Recommendation Form
  6. To signup for an audition slot:

Audition Schedule and Requirements

The two audition days , Sept 22 and 23, will be split with blocks of time for singing/acting auditions and blocks of time for a dance call. Auditioners are only required to come to one day of auditions.

On Sunday 22nd:  We will see singing/acting auditions from 10-1.45 and 3.30-5.  The dance call for ALL auditioning on Sunday will be held from 2-3.15. Once you have completed your singing/acting and dance auditions  for that day you are released.

On Monday 23: We will see singing/acting auditions from 5-6.30 and 8-9 pm.   The dance call for ALL auditioning on Monday will be held from 6.45-7.45.   Once you have completed your singing/acting and dance auditions for that day you are released.

You will be assigned a 5 minute audition slot.  You are asked to prepare one contemporary monologue of no more than 1 minute in length.   Also prepare two 32 bar cuts of an uptempo and a ballad from the standard Broadway musical repertoire.…not to be longer than 2 minutes total. The total running time of your monologue and two songs must not exceed 3 minutes.

You will be given time to review your music with the accompanist. Please have music in the proper key with all cuts clearly marked. No chords, no lead sheets, or accompaniment tracks, SHEET MUSIC only.

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled audition.

After entering the room you will have a moment to review music with pianist, then you will come to the center of the room, slate your name, the title of the play from which your monologue is from, the title of the two songs you will be singing. You may present these in any order.

Bring clothes that you can move in for group dance call and dance shoes if you have them (you will have time to change into your dance clothing). Loose clothing is not the best; form fitting is better. You will be taught a short combination and will present that in various groups and pairings.

Auditioners will be judged on the following:

Acting: Memorization and presentation, ability to live in the given circumstances of the play, pursuing a clear objective in the monologue, focusing on the imaginary other to whom you are speaking.
Singing: Tone, intonation (pitch accuracy), musicality (phrasing, dynamics, style)
Dancing: Coordination and rhythm, ability to take direction, focus

Those accepted into the program will receive a letter of acceptance by October 9, 2019.