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Film Production Classes with Georgia Film Academy

UGA students interested in film careers pursue majors in theatre, film studies, entertainment and media studies, or some combination of these including double majors and minors. The state of Georgia has been dubbed “Hollywood of the South;” by 2016, more movies were filmed in Georgia than in California.  Film is a crucial, growing part of Georgia’s economy, with Marvel, Pinewood, and Tyler Perry Studios within little more than an hour’s drive from the University of Georgia campus.

The University of Georgia Department of Theatre and Film Studies has established a collaboration with the Georgia Film Academy, creating special classes that allow opportunities for UGA students to gain real world experience. These courses may count towards a film studies minor, in core area 6 for theatre or film studies majors, or general electives.

FILM 2000 – Introduction to On-Set Film Production

(6 credits; no prerequisites or restrictions) This course provides an introduction to the skills used in on-set film production, including all forms of narrative media which utilize film-industry standard organizational structure, professional equipment and on-set procedures. In addition to lectures, the course includes demonstrations of equipment and set operations as well as hands-on learning experiences. Students will learn: film production organizational structure; job descriptions and duties in various film craft areas; names, uses and protocols related to various pieces of professional on-set film equipment; and skills related to networking and self-marketing. Students will also learn how the various film crafts relate to one-another on a working set, as well as how and why they all must operate in sync. NOTE: It is taught OFF CAMPUS, Fridays, from 10-4, at the OFS studio facilities of Georgia Film Academy, on I-85 near Jimmy Carter Blvd. The instructor is a Georgia Film Academy professional. 

Specialty Craft Courses

(6 credits; prerequisite FILM 2000)

FILM 2010 – Set Construction and Scenic Painting

This course equips students with skills and knowledge of set construction for the film and television industries, including drafting, reading blueprints, architectural models, set etiquette and safety, carpentry and scenic paint.

FILM 2020 – Electric and Lighting

This course equips students with the knowledge and skills of electrical distribution and set lighting on a motion picture or television set. Upon completion of this course, students will be ready to work in film and media as entry-level set lighting technicians.

FILM 2030 – Grip and Rigging

This course introduces students to the latest equipment and techniques for on-set grip positions as well as proper rigging techniques and setting up tracks for camera movements and dolly shots. Studio policies, crew communication, equipment storage and care, labor rules, and safety are also covered. 

FILM 2040 – Post-Production: Avid Editing for Film & TV

This editing course equips students with unique skills in digital imaging, editorial process, and storytelling for motion picture and nonlinear productions. Upon successful completion, students earn Avid Media Composer User Certification, which qualifies them for a career in post-production for film and television.

FILM 2050 – Introduction to Special Effects Makeup

This course provides students with entry-level skills and industry-standard knowledge of practical Special Effects (SFX) Makeup for major film and television productions, including the professional use of casting materials, makeup, sculpting, and airbrushing. 

FILM 5700 - Internship in Film/Media

(3 credits; repeatable for 6 credit hours)

Students who complete FILM 2000 and a Specialty Craft Course may, if pursuing the Georgia Film Academy Certification, be eligible to compete for a GFA internship. While some of the GFA Internship course will feature a more in-depth analysis of the various production crafts, the bulk of the course will focus on professional-level projects, on which students will have active roles in on-set and production office crafts. The Internship is a competitive program dictated by the amount of available on-set internship opportunities and are not guaranteed to anyone. Students pursuing the GFA certification may substitute a second specialty craft course instead of an internship to complete that certification.

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