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New Theatre Majors

Main Department Contact:

Dina Canup (, Fine Arts 302 - Open Door Policy; official advising appointments made through SAGE.

Academic Advisor II, Student Support and Outreach Coordinator

  • Check out the Theatre Program Plan -- it can help you make progress toward important goals and maximize your time at UGA. Suggested pathway is also below.  
Recommended Courses for First Semester:

THEA 2500: Theatre as Discipline and Profession

Choose 1-2 based on main area of interest:
  • THEA 3500: Foundations of Acting
  • THEA 3290 (or 3291H): Script Analysis
  • THEA 3300: Foundations of Entertainment Design
  • THEA 3330: Costume Craft
  • THEA 3340: Stagecraft
  • THEA 3350: Lighting Tech
  • THEA 3520: Stage Makeup

Get Involved!

Get on the theatre email listserv

Emai Clay Chastain to subscribe if you are a theatre major.

New student info session the day before fall classes begin - mark your calendar

We'll be having a new student info session and tour the day before start of classes to help you learn your way around the department and be ready for fall semester. Start time is likely 1:00pm in the Fine Arts Theatre, with more details to be announced later this summer.

Connect with our new student ambassadorS 

Kaitlyn Talsky ( or @kaitlyntalsky via Instagram) – double major in theatre & English, minor in music, musical theatre performance certificate

Wyn Thomas ( - theatre major, honors program, musical theatre performance certificate

Garrett McCord ( - theatre major, acting area of emphasis, musical theatre performance certificate

Aayush Umesh ( or @aayush.umesh on Instagram) - double major in theatre and communication studies, minor in Arabic, certificate in musical theatre performance


Audition for the UGA Theatre season - and see all the shows!

Auditions are in August & October | Production Website

(Fall auditions 2023 are August 24-27)

Musical Theatre Performance Certificate auditions will also be this fall; dates to be announced later.

Interested in crew/tech/production side of theatre? 

Consider Applied Drama credit and/or contact Tina Hantula for the costume shop or Ali Hooks for the scene shop.

Join a student group
  • Thalian-Blackfriars Dramatic Club @ThalianBlackfriars
  • Childrens Theatre Troupe @CTTUGA
  • Black Theatrical Ensemble @UGABTE
  • Next Act Musical Theatre Troupe @UGANextAct
  • Improv and Sketch Comedy: @ImprovAthens, @Sharkwing_Comedy
  • US Institute of Theatre Technology, UGA chapter @USITTUGA
  • Ars Gratia Artis
Suggested Pathway for Theatre Majors
You have flexibility, but keep in mind: 
  • Not every class is offered every semester.
  • Take THEA 2500 the first semester that you can (usually fall).
  • The sooner you complete required courses the better if you wish to graduate on time. Especially if you are double majoring in something else too.
  • However, some elective courses are not offered regularly, so you may wish to prioritize some electives if you might not get another chance to take them.
  • Do not put off THEA 2040 & 2050 (Applied Drama), especially if you are often cast in productions. Aim to complete these requirements before your fourth year.
  • If you are strongly interested in acting, take THEA 3500 and then THEA 5010 ASAP.
  • If you are pursuing an area of emphasis, consult that area head for suggestions to start making progress in the area early.
  • Ignore classes numbered 6000 and up. Those are graduate-level courses.
  • Remember you must make a C or higher in all theatre major requirements and theatre electives.
First Semester 
  • THEA 2500 
  • THEA 3500 if interested in acting 
  • THEA 3290 &/or THEA 3300/3330/3340/3350 depending on interests
Second Semester
  • THEA 3290 &/or THEA 3300/3330/3340/3350 depending on interests - definitely aim for 3290 this semester if you didn't in fall
  • THEA 5010 if interested in acting; design elective if interested in design 
  • THEA 2040 if possible/if crew spots available
Year Two
  • THEA 4220 in fall or THEA 4210 in spring 
  • THEA 2040 and/or 2050 
  • THEA 5600 or 5110 
  • THEA 3290 and 3300 if not already taken (but 3290 should be taken in first year if at all possible)
  • THEA electives Year Three: THEA 4220 in fall or THEA 4210 in spring 
  • THEA 2050 
Year Three
  • THEA 4220 in fall or THEA 4210 in spring if not already taken
  • THEA 2050 
  • THEA 5600 or 5110 if not already taken
  • THEA electives additional theatre history/lit if not already taken; not recommended that you take it during the same semester as 4220 or 4210. 
Year Four 

Remaining theatre electives 

Some Words of Advice

Take your time in layering on additional theatre activities. Just pick one this semester (ex: if you’re cast in a UGA Theatre show, that’s plenty, or get involved with one student group). Don’t add additional activities until a show is over. Allow time to get used to college/UGA. You need to do well in your classes, especially in your first semester, whether you’re a new first-year or a transfer student. Don’t try to do something with every show or group that you can while neglecting either your classwork or your health. If you needed any disability accommodations before college, you need them now so register with the DRC right away. Work hard, have fun, be kind to yourself. Contact Dina if you need help finding resources.

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