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Spring 2020 Cast Lists + Vanity Fair

Cast Lists




Vanity Fair



Emily Willett


Atalanta Siegel

Manager / Miss Matilda Crawley / Lord Styne:

Shanon Weaver

Rawdon / Mr. Sedley / General Tufto / & others:

David Cowan

Dobbin / Miss Pinkerton / & others

Chad Dyer

George / & others:

Jackson Miller

Jos / Sir Pitt / Lady Chesterton / & others:

Cecilia McIntyre

Miss Jemima / Lady Bareacres / Lesser Pitt / & others:

Collin Hendley


Understudies for Vanity Fair:

Understudy roles for male actors

Kyle Lukomske

Understudy roles for female actors

Sydney Wakeford





Telemachus/ Oracle/ Klytie (Maid)/ Odysseus U/S:

Emma Powers

Naiad Mother/ Oracle/ Suitor 5 (Ithaca)/ Maid:

Caroline Leggitt

Spartan Maid 1/ Ithacan Maid 1/ Melantho (Maid):

Hannah Hardin

Spartan Maid 2/ Ithacan Maid 2/ Oracle/ Antinous/ Maid:

Kendall Reeves

Spartan Maid 3/ Ithacan Maid 3/ Kerthia (Maid):

Sarah Harvey

Spartan Maid 4/ Eurycleia/ Maid/ Oracle:

Zachary Pareizs

Helen/ Oracle/ Maid/ Penelope U/S:

Alexa Adcock

Suitor 1 (Sparta)/ Laertes/ Suitor 1 (Ithaca)/ Maid:

Isabel Arenas

Suitor 2 (Sparta)/ Anticleia/ Suitor 2 (Ithaca)/ Tanis (Maid):

Sarah Sewell

(Head) Oracle/ Suitor 3 (Sparta)/ Suitor 3 (Ithaca)/ Iole (Maid):

Sydney Patton

Icarius/ Suitor 4 (Ithaca)/ Maid:

Savannah Hudson

Oracle/ Maid:

Lia Anderson


Understudies for Penelopiad:

Understudy Icarius/ Laertes/ Anticleia

Grace Gereley

Understudy Eurycleia/ Antinous

Lindy Simmons

Understudy Telemachus

Shannon McCarthy

Understudy Helen/ Naiad Mother

Brie Wolfe



Into the Woods


Narrator, Mysterious Man, & Milky White:

Jack Dugan


Daja Rice 


John Galas

Baker’s Wife:

Brooke Mccarthy 


Wyatt Brooks 

Little Red Ridinghood:

Roni Nash


Emma Mathews 

Cinderella’s Prince & The Wolf:

Sean Birkett


Rachel Hoover 

Rapunzel’s Prince (U/S Baker):

Cole Dziedzic

Jack’s Mother:

Ciara Pysczynski 

Cinderella’s Stepmother (U/S The Witch):

Eva Sophia Ramirez 


Nickasey Freeman

Lucinda (U/S Cinderella):

Maggie O’Neill 

Grandmother (U/S Both Stepsisters):

Lily Robles

Cinderella’s Mother (U/S Rapunzel/Cinderella’s Stepmother):

Tori Langham

Steward (U/S Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf/Rapunzel’s Prince):

Alex Barlow

Cinderella’s Father (U/S Stewart):

Evan King\


Additional Understudies for Into the Woods:

Understudy Jack:

Warren Rogers

Understudy Narrator/Mysterious Man:

Greg Lloyd:

Understudy Little Red and Baker’s Wife:

Caroline Caden:

Understudy Cinderella’s Mother/Grandmother:

Kalissa Hernandez


Rehearsals for Into the Woods begin February 11th! 

Tuesday: Friday: 6:00-10:30
Saturday: 10:00-5:00
Sunday/Monday: OFF

No rehearsals during Spring Break, March 7-March 16

  • —Ricardo Aponte 


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